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The Company

Have you ever missed getting off at your train station? Was it because you were tired or distracted?
Well, we have the app for you! We believe that everyone should be able to travel comfortably and with little to no stress. That the time spent travelling is enjoyable and not time wasted.
The Stay On Route App, removes the stress and worries about train travel, allowing you to spend the time travelling doing the things you want to do. Such as work, socialise or even relax.
The company was created in January 2018, to help improve the lives of everyone who travels by train. But especially those who are severely visually impaired or blind, giving them greater confidence and independence to travel.

The App

The Purpose Of The App
The Stay On Route app has been created to improve the lives of everyone who uses trains to travel. The apps function is to alert the user when their station is approaching, enabling them to get off at the right station.

How The App Works
​The app uses location services to track the phone's position relative to the selected station. When the phone is in close proximity to the station, then the phone will alarm with the user’s selected preferences of ringtones and vibration.

Where It Can Be Used
The app can be used on all railway lines across the United Kingdom and we are continuing to optimize the performance of the app in locations with a poor signal such as the Underground. 

How To Use The App
When first getting on the train, open the Stay On Route app and search for your station in the search bar or select one of your saved stations. Next, choose the preferences of the alarm, which includes the distance away you want to be alerted, the ringtone, and if the vibration is on. Then press “ok” to start your journey. When you do reach the alarm radius, you will be notified.


The Founder

Welcome to Stay On Route, as Founder, I am excited to announce the launch of the company and the app. Since we started the business in January 2018, we have been working to create an app which we hope will improve the lives of everyone who travels.

Looking towards the future, we aim to see the app build the confidence and independence of those visually impaired and blind when travelling by train, and possibly other modes of transport in the future.


James Grice


Originally from Fleet in Hampshire, I moved to Canterbury to study Management at the University of Kent. The business started at Kent Business School’s Start-up Journey.

An extra-curriculum course which covered all aspects of entrepreneurship. From there with the support of The Kent Business School, I began to research and develop the idea of Stay On Route.

​The reason why I pursued the idea and believe in Stay On Route, is because of its impact it will have on people travelling, especially by train. Creating an app which will remove the worries of missing your stop, giving you more time to work or relax on the train. Which also makes trains and travel more accessible to the visually impaired and blind.

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