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Why Does Stay On Route Exist?

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity and freedom to travel. That no matter who you are, travelling is effortless and 100% accessible. But, in today's world, this is not the case.


For those who are visually impaired or blind, travelling can be difficult and disconcerting especially when alone or at night. Understanding where we are and how far we have to go is something that we take for granted every day.

Stay On Route exists because I believe that those who are visually impaired and blind should have the same independence and confidence as the rest of us to travel anywhere they desire.


The app is able to provide the necessary tools to help support and transform travel for the Visually impaired and blind community by taking care of there location and notifying them when they are approaching their destination.

Please support Stay On Route to deliver this goal and help as many people from this community and others with this cause by downloading and using the app for yourself.

Nearly Missing Your Station From Falling Asleep?

Have you ever missed your station after coming back from work or a late night out with work colleagues?


We've all done it, and we all know what a pain it can be...


Allow Stay On Route to take care of knowing how far away you are from your stop - letting you know through an alarm notification when its time to wake up and get ready to get off.

Never miss your station ever again.

Trying To Work On The Train But Can't Concentrate?

Do you ever find that when you need to work on the train, you never really can focus and are constantly looking up to check where you are instead?

Usually, there's always a thought coming from the back of your mind breaking your focus...


Let Stay On Route remove that problem and worry, and provide the focus you need to be fully productive on your commute.

Be able to focus every time you travel.

A Recent Student Testimonial :

"I’ve been using Stay On Route for the past 2 months. I honestly love using the app, it’s given me one less thing to stop worrying about when I travel back home. I would definitely recommend downloading the app and trying it out for yourself. It’s free and in my opinion, you can only gain from using Stay On Route."

George B

How Does The App Work?

Open the app when first boarding the train

Type in your stop or use the saved station feature

Choose from the search results (drag the pin to adjust)


Press 'GO', then configure the alarm settings 

Press 'Start' to set the alarm and relax

The alarm will sound giving you time to prepare to leave


The Benefits You Will Gain From Using Stay On Route

Below are a few of the reasons why Stay On Route can drastically improve your day to day life: 

​Stay On Route provides:

  •  Security to any commuter, even for those who have done the same route for decades, of never missing their station again

  •  Safety for passengers who are nervous about public transport and are unsure about how much further they have got to go

  •  Assurance when travelling to new destinations on whether the next station is your stop or not.

Stay On Route allows:

  • You to give 100% focus to any project that you may be working on whilst on the train or bus

  • You to comfortably go to sleep on the train or bus as you will be woken up just before your stop

  • You to fully immerse yourself into a movie or TV show without being interrupted or distracted of where you are

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Why Not Just Set A Time Alarm?

Public transport unfortunately as we all know cannot be always reliable. Trains can get delayed and estimating the time of arrival can always change throughout your journey. Setting a time alarm could always mean that day to day your either creating new alarms or risking the same alarm which could go off way past your station. Stay On Route removes this hassle as it's based on location, you will always be alerted the same place every time no matter if there are delays. 

The Subway
Train Station

Why Do I Need This If My Train Has Voice Announcements?

Voice announcements are useful. But unfortunately, they only happen once for every station at a very close range. If I wanted to know how far away I was, I would have to to wait and be anxious until the next voice announcement starts. Instead of immediately checking Stay On Route.

As well, for someone who has fallen asleep, it can be very easy to miss the announcement whereas Stay On Route can provide a personal alarm that will continuously ring until the user has woken up.

What Happens If I Don't Have Any Signal For Data?

Especially on trains, data signal can sometimes be very hard to find. Stay On Route only needs data when you first begin your journey when you search for your destination. Then after that, all other alarm functions only rely on GPS.

If you decide to use a saved station as your destination, then the GPS coordinates are already saved and no data is needed.

Long Train Ride

Interested In Getting In Contact With Us?

If you want to contact us to find out any more information or would really like to share your thoughts on the app and what you would like added, then please get in touch.


The best way to contact us is to either direct message @stayonroute on Instagram. Or send us a message in the contact form below.

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